When is the FAN Token ICO?
As of today (March 3), the details of the FAN token ICO haven't been announced yet, but the folks at FCFL have indicated that it will be in 'April 2018'.

When will the FCFL launch?
The launch date for the league hasn't been announced yet, but the FCFL team members have indicated that it will be sometime in the Summer of 2018.  Our guess is very late Summer.

How many teams will be in the FCFL?
There will be eight teams in the FCFL in the 2018 season.

Where will the teams be located?
All eight teams will be in one location.  It isn't yet definite what city will host the FCFL, but an FCFL representative told me that Las Vegas is the front runner (as of mid-March).

Will the games be televised?
Probably not on traditional tv, but the league already has a deal in place with a 'major streaming partner'.  This is likely to be a more engaging experience than traditional tv can provide.

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